MiniMechanicals is a small shop, with small machines and a big man (6'3"-295lbs) to bounce around between the walls. My desire is to keep the old concept of "Cottage Industry" alive, and to keep machining and manufacture with "Made in the USA" a continuing trade.

I have been selling my items on eBay for several years, under the Seller ID "cavscout4", currently with 1550 (1159 unique eBayers) positive feedbacks at 100%. I have developed this web site to reach out to other people that do not find me on eBay, and to have a daily access, rather than a few days auction time frame.

I am constantly looking for ideas on small items needed by other Home/Hobby Craftsmen (ladies also welcome to what has typically been an old man's club). Any suggestions for future offerings are welcome.

I have over 25 years combined training and experience in Electronics and Computer Technologies. Sprinkled in, I have over 10 years of training and experience with machining and CNC. Along the way, I accumulated 30 years of US Military service (7 years active) starting December 12, 1966 with a Government paid cruise to Viet Nam. I retired from the Oregon National Guard back in 1996.

I am in the Walker Basin, comfortably located between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Oregon High Desert, in Central Oregon, USA. Elevation here is 4300 feet, and Winters can bring 5 feet of snow, and get as cold as -40 degrees (F). We have had snow on July 4th, making our local 4th of July Barbecue interesting.

The rest of the year is mostly beautiful weather and pine forest mountain views. There are over 100 lakes, and a dozen rivers and streams within a 50 mile radius. Hiking, Rock Climbing, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Skiing and many other outdoor activities bring visitors from across the country to our area.

This has been my home of record since 1959... other than a few absences with the US Military and Corporate jobs.

Thanks for visiting my site. Take a look at the various pages and feel free to email with your thoughts or requests. Extra thanks if you choose to purchase my items.

Paul W. Chamberlain Sr.
Thank You for Visiting my Site!
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